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Royal Purple Synthetic Lubricants

Royal Purple produces synthetic lubricants that provide the highest level of performance on the market today. For more than thirty years from their Houston, Texas facility, Royal Purple has blended lubrication for nearly every industrial application.


Royal Purple lubricants are: up to 700% stronger, last up to 400% longer than other synthetic oils, are 200x cleaner than conventional lubricants and finally, are more energy efficient. Savings typically exceed the cost of oil within a few months.

Royal Purple Synthetic Lubricants

Royal Purple for all applications

Royal Purple Synthetic Oil has blended lubrication that will allow equipment to:

  • Generate less heat

  • Greatly inhibit wear

  • Completely separates with water

  • Reduces vibration

Bel Ray Product Line Now Available

Bel Ray, another American-made lubricant line in the Calumet family, has been innovating specialty lubricants for industrial and automotive use for over 60 years. From their home in Farmingdale, New Jersey, Bel Ray offers a buffet of both synthetic and mineral oil, grease, and aerosol products for every application.  


Bel Ray got their start in a Nabisco food plant many years ago and has been leading the world in food-grade lubrication ever since. Bel Ray also offers diverse lines of products for vehicle fleets, marine EALs, and multi-purpose sprays.

Bel Ray Lubricants
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