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AESSEAL Mechanical Seals

AESSEAL Mechanical Seals are used in a wide range of pumps and rotating equipment worldwide to prevent liquids and gases escaping into the environment. We manufacture mechanical seal types to suit all industries and our investment in modular design means that we provide the best on-time delivery performance in the industry.


The AESSEAL® range of seals, seal support systems and bearing protectors are all designed to improve pump reliability and reduce maintenance costs. Seacoast Supply maintains a large inventory of AESSEAL products.

AES Mechanical Seals

Complete Line Of AESSEAL Mechanical Seals

  • Barrier systems

  • Bearing protection

  • CAPI seals

  • Component seals

  • Double cartridge seals

  • Metal bellows seals

  • Mixer seals

  • Seal rebuilding

  • Single cartridge seals

  • Split seals

Proven Design - Cartridge Construction

Cartridge mechanical seal construction is a proven reliability improvement. The seals are pre-assembled at the factory, pressure tested and shipped as a unit, leading to improved performance as errors due to incorrect installation are reduced. Cartridge construction eliminates the need to measure and set spring compression, and having a mechanical seal pre-assembled means that the seal faces are protected from damage during installation.

Environmental Controls

Advantages of Double Mechanical Seals

A double or dual mechanical seal consists of two independent seals mounted within a seal chamber outside the pump, which is flushed with an independent supply. This makes them ideal for sealing hazardous liquids, liquids with abrasives or liquids that are corrosive, as the seal faces only see clean lubrication greatly increasing mechanical seal life. 

AESSEAL® double mechanical seals have independent seal-face designs, to enhance safe containment of process fluid in the event of damage to any individual sealing element.

Seal Support Systems 

Research has proven that the biggest mechanical preventative of mechanical seal failure is the use of effective Seal Support Systems. 

This means that no matter how well designed your mechanical seal or bearing systems are, without a reliable Seal Support System there is still the possibility of your mechanical seal failing. The innovative and reliable Seal Support System Range at AESSEAL® gives customers the confidence to remove this root cause of mechanical seal failure.

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Bearning Protection

AESSEAL® offer a range of bearing protection devices suitable for most applications. The innovative LabTecta® and MagTecta™ products include patented features that deliver the best possible bearing housing sealing solution for your motor, pump, plummer block, gear boxes or steam turbine.

Bearings have been found to be responsible for almost 21% of rotating equipment failures. The majority of bearing failures are due to contamination of the bearing oil as a result of water or particulate ingress into the bearing chamber. This contaminant ingress is preventable using todays advanced bearing protection devices. These devises offer ingress protection up to IP69K ensuring all particulate and moisture are kept out of the bearing oil even in the most arduous environments. In addition these devises are non-contacting in operation ensuring expensive rotating equipment shafts are not damaged.

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