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Industrial Hose & Expansion Joints

SSI can accommodate virtually everything in the world of hose and fittings. From a simple run of discharge or rubber suction hose- to a custom made braided stainless hose with any type of fitting, our reps cam come on site and consult on exactly what it will take to get things running again.


Our metal hose and expansion joints are made exclusively by Hose Master out of Cleveland, OH. Hose Master not only pushes the industry envelope on hose life longevity, they design and manufacture the machines that will build your future hose setup right here in the U.S.A. Can you say QUALITY?

Industrial Hoses

Full Line Of Industrial Hoses

  • Braided metal hoses

  • Couplings

  • Industrial rubber hoses

  • Tubings

  • Teflon-lined hoses

Expansion Joints

  • Metal EJ’s

  • Rubber EJ’s

  • Only manufacture of metal Hose and EJ’s with ABS approval

  • Custom engineered drawings with every joint.

  • Fast lead times

Expansion Joints
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