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  • Do you have one hourly rate for your service work?
    We base our rates on whether we are traveling to the customers site or if the equipment is being repaired at our facility. Contact us to tailor a plan to your needs.
  • How can I find out what is required to complete a full repair on my pump or motor without spending a large sum of money?
    We offer and recommend having us perform a DCI (disassemble, clean & inspect). A DCI will cost hundreds vs. thousands and will allow us to lay out exactly what will be required to totally rehab the equipment. It also allows us to find other possible issues within the piece of equipment.
  • Other than pump & motor repairs, what shop services do you have?"
    Besides your standard rebuild services, we can make new parts from scratch on a variety of our machines and now offer waterjet fabrication. The waterjet has the ability to create a range of precision parts such as baseplates and custom flanges. The waterjet works fast and is automated as opposed to a manned machine. We also offer welding and sheet metal services.
  • Can you rebuild or repair other brands/styles of mechanical seals aside from AESSEAL?
    We can rebuild and repair all major manufacturers of mechanical seals. We can also reverse engineer and create new designs for tough applications.
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